Causes and remedies at home when the vacuum cleaner is not running

Switching on and off is one of the common problems of household electrical appliances because there are many causes for this situation. The wet-dry shop vacuum does not run when the power switch is turned on or when space is running, how should you handle it. Or you can contact the vacuum repair center immediately. In today’s article, I’ll share with you some information you need to be able to repair yourself at home before calling a repair center.

When you encounter a situation where the wet-dry shop vacuum does not run

In the vacuum cleaner, there are several protective devices against overload, overheating and short circuit, with a power switch, and an electrical contact mechanism in the power cord. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner does not run can be encountered after using time, after the problems of the home electric network, other equipment short-fire.

If the wet-dry shop vacuum is in regular use but suddenly encounters the case of a lost power network or other equipment shorted. After these problems and when we turn on the wet-dry shop vacuum, it is possible to speculate that the protective fuse is broken. Or everything is normal, but setting on the space does not run, check briefly still nothing changed, the high probability we have to handle deeper. And if the switch is flickering or the power cord pulls back and forth, and the machine works, we can already guess the cause.

Cause the wet-dry shop vacuum is not running

To find out the cause of the vacuum cleaner not running, we need a quick check to classify the situation. One is the wet-dry shop vacuum; the other is not running even after checking all the steps. Check all the levels, including:

  • Turn on the switch repeatedly to see if there is anything wrong
  • Pull the power cord, again and again, several times and then turn on the switch
  • Turn on the switch and shake the device a few times
  • Check the outlet

When the necessary testing steps above do not show anything, the wet-dry shop vacuum still does not work. And we certainly have to check inside the electrical parts and motor vacuum cleaner.

Possible causes include:

  • Plugin the power source

It sounds like this can’t be happening. However, I have encountered a case where the vacuum cleaner does not work. There are many causes, such as moving the power, burning down the wall cord, contacting the foot. Please check this location first; please bring the wet-dry shop vacuum to another outlet to try plugging.

  • Power switch

This unit is likely to be poorly exposed due to excessive use when turned on and off will cause the phenomenon of sparking. And if the power switch is jittery, it usually creates heat to melt the plastic of the power switch. After removing the vacuum cleaner cover, you check this section first, using an electric tester to check if the electricity is entering the machine when the switch is on. If the heat is not in, you should replace another switch. Note, before changing, and we should connect the power directly without a switch to check whether the machine is running normally or not.

  • Circuit circle in the power cord

This unit is only available on wet-dry shop vacuums with power drawers that come in and out. The effect of this unit is to connect the circuit from the rotating power coil to the electrical system inside the vacuum cleaner. Note we should check this part at the end because it will be difficult to remove again. After all, the winding will wind up. After a long period of use, the copper contacts are often worn out due to friction and dirty due to unfiltered dust while being discharged behind the engine.

  • Thermal fuse

No one knows and understands this detail, which is very common in high-speed electric motors such as water pumps, blenders, vacuum cleaners. The effect of a thermal fuse is to completely disconnect the circuit when the engine temperature reaches the permissible limit or when a short course occurs. If the thermal fuse is off, you only need to replace it.

  • Thermal relay

This part is also used to protect the wet-dry shop vacuum motor but to a lesser extent. Thermal relay has the effect of switching on and off the circuit when the engine is heated too high (this is lower than the critical working level of the thermal fuse). The working principle of thermal relays is that when the temperature increases, the circuit is disconnected. And when the temperature decreases, the course is closed, we are most often encountered in a super speed kettle. The component may also be damaged and may need to be replaced and tested by measuring the continuity between the two ends of the thermal relay.

  • Electric brushes of electric motors

In electric motors that use the winding type rotor, you will always see a brush and commutator to energize the rotor. Carbon brushes are made of carbon material so that they will wear out quickly during operation. So we should also pay attention to this detail because when worn too much will not be able to energize the rotor. And of course, the wet-dry shop vacuum does not run.

Proper use restricts the vacuum cleaner from running

Adequate consumption of household electrical appliances will ensure a longer life, fewer problems during use. With a wet-dry shop vacuum, we should also note a few issues below.

  • Regularly clean the dust filter bags, suction pipes, filters so that the engine does not have to bear the high load, so it rarely occurs overheating.
  • Do not turn on the vacuum cleaner running continuously by the vacuum motor with high rotation speed comfortable to generate large heat leading to the activation of protective equipment. As well as you also avoid the rapid wear of brushes.
  • Need to check and maintain the vacuum cleaner at home periodically, lubricate oil on the shaft, clean dust on the stator and rotor of the engine, clean the commutator and brush.
  • The power coil part should not be pulled out too much to limit the wear of the electrical contacts and copper foil inside.

In conclusion

Above, I have provided you with some useful information about household electrical appliances. Therefore, users can detect, test, maintain, and repair themselves at home before having to contact the repair center. Hopefully, they will help you in using and handling when the wet-dry shop vacuum (visit site) has a problem.

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